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Beta Download (free)

Metability 0.6 - Build 4248

See the Release Notes page for details.

Metability Wiki

The up-to-date Metability documentation. Also contains the most recent
versions of all Workspace templates (free download).

Metability TV

Screencast videos about how to use and customize Metability. Some
clips can also be found on our YouTube channel.


Metability Beta releases are easy to use — they install in seconds, don't corrupt Windows, run with regular user account privileges and can be quickly uninstalled.
Avoid the Grim Reaper — Metability is beta and released for testing purposes. It is completly harmless when extracting metadata from files. However, you should use only copies of your production files when editing metadata values.

Thank You!

Welcome to the Metability Beta Lounge,
the central place for all things beta!

In the name of all the team members that help turning Metability into a (soon to be released) world-class tool,
I would like to thank you for giving us your time to test our product.

Hans Fremuth

Keep in mind it's a Beta...

Beta software is a bit like the ultrasound pictures of an unborn child — you can't really tell yet. When you test Metability, please don't judge it as a final product. This may give you a false impression and us a bad name, even before the product can prove itself. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions that this website or the Wiki cannot answer.