Metability QuickFix

Metability ® QuickFix for Microsoft Windows® ( previously known as FileMind® QuickFix) is a free tool that rapidly strips sensitive information from thousand of files - in just seconds!


Restore Your Privacy

Size: 5.6 MByte Release Notes

Requires Win XP / Vista / 7, 20 MB disk space, 1 GByte RAM.

100% virus free.

Need to email your personal photos to others, or plan on publishing them on Flickr or a blog? Make sure you don't expose your personal information!

Strips GPS Data

Metability QuickFix strips all your personal information and GPS location data from all your photos, with just a single mouse click.

Scrubs the Rest

GPS is not the only information that strangers may find in your photos. Personal information can also hide in Exif tags (picture-taking conditions such as date, time, camera type etc.) as well as Iptc and XMP tags (descriptive metadata such as names and addresses, copyright, location details etc.). Photos may also contain an embedded visual preview of the uncropped original. Metability QuickFix removes all of the above!

One Click. All Done.

Just drop your files in the application and click Quick Fix Metadata. Metability QuickFix can safely scrub thousands of JPEG files in just minutes. It automatically makes backup copies of the original files, too.


Alternative Download Get it from CNET!

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Watch this short videoclip and see how easy it is to scrub sensitive metadata, in a blink of an eye!